Well Sonoma | Happy Birthday, WELL Sonoma!
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Happy Birthday, WELL Sonoma!

Happy Birthday, WELL Sonoma!

It’s March again, which means it’s been a year since we assembled our healthcare providers collective here in downtown Santa Rosa. In that year, we’ve been honored to witness, again and again, the products of our collaboration: patients feeling fully seen and realizing their potential; clients learning how food and cooking can empower and revitalize them; students growing their yoga practices breath by breath. And we providers have supported one another, collaborated in the best interest of each client’s health, and learned together here in our beautiful, serene space.

I don’t think anyone could put our feelings to words in a better way than Dr. Ginger Schechter, WELL Sonoma’s medical director and integrative MD. Here are her thoughts as she reflected on WELL’s first anniversary:

“Well Sonoma is one year old?  How did that happen?  I clearly remember the first meeting that we all had together.  The feeling of like-mindedness and camaraderie was evident from the start!  The focus of bringing wellness and comprehensive integrated healthcare to all was invigorating and exciting.  I was so pleasantly encouraged by the seamlessness of our joining together into one collective, too.  And, now, I love coming to work in an environment where all of my fellow practitioners believe in and lift each other up.  We have something special here, and we are making a difference in our lives and those of our patients.  Happy birthday Well Sonoma!  Here’s to many, many more!”

Indeed–here’s to many, many more happy, healing years!

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