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Starting over

Starting over

Every spring here in Northern California, the poppies come back. Along with the daffodils, the blossoms on the fruit trees, the weeds–everything stretches, sighs, and wakes up to its biological imperative: Root. Blossom. Repeat.

Even this spring. Even this year, when fall brought not just the usual, deeply needed rains, but also devastating fires and acres of ash where thriving neighborhoods used to be. Even here in Sonoma County, where it felt like the world was ending in October. Even in the middle of so much loss, even from blackened ground, even when we humans don’t always know what our next step should be, there are wildflowers everywhere.

We are part and parcel of this natural world, all of us. We have the inherent capacity to renew, to start again. No matter how far we’ve moved away from the path of our happiest, healthiest selves, we can always begin again. We can start with one deep breath, and then another, and another. We can call on our friends to resource us with love and support. We can find someone whose struggle we can ease, and find meaning for ourselves in that work. We can drink more water, go to bed earlier, do a minute of stretching one day and two minutes the next until we’ve built ourselves an effective daily yoga practice. We can finally find the health care provider that really sees us, really cares about us.

Finding joy and feeling well in this life? It’s a constantly-moving target, an every-minute awareness. It’s not a summit we get to and then rest and enjoy the view. It’s forgiving ourselves all of our imperfections. It’s letting ourselves access all of our resources. It’s choice after choice after choice in the best interest of our selves and our communities. It’s starting over, every day, all day long. No matter how hard it feels, no matter where you are right now, you can make the choice to forgive yourself, to breathe deeply, to root yourself soundly, and, when you’re ready, to show the world your bright and beautiful bloom.

All the best,

Lorelle Saxena, DACM, L.Ac. 

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