Complimentary Amenities at Well Sonoma

Whether you are coming in to take a yoga class or to visit one of our practitioners, our center offers a variety of complimentary amenities during your visit. Scroll to the bottom for free parking info.


Hydration Station + Teas

We provide complimentary hot and cold drinking water from our cooler, so please do bring your refillable water bottle to help us save paper cups. We allow water bottles in our offices and our yoga room. We also offer a variety of Ayurvedic teas, and just beside them you’ll find some dosha cards to help you understand your type a little better. Questions? Ask a staff member!

Hair Ties

We understand the struggle of the perpetually missing hair tie on your wrist, so we will always have a jar of hair ties for your use whenever you need one.

Seasonal Samples

Every so often, Well Sonoma receives samples from various brands for you to try out. In the past, we’ve put out samples of macadamia nuts, facial toners, teas, protein powders, etc. You’ll find them on top of the water cooler whenever we have them, and they’re yours for the taking!


Aveda Lotions & Hand Soaps

We provide you with complimentary hand lotions from Aveda to use during your visit. We have hand lotions and foot lotions in the prop room, and soaps and lotions in each of the restrooms. Our center is also frequently fragranced with the Aveda essential oils to provide a calming and soothing experience.


We always stock enough blankets for everyone to use. Blankets are particularly useful to add additional padding for your joints, to keep you extra warm during savasana, or to help in various poses. We frequently use blankets in our yoga classes.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Available in the restroom.


OMGI CorkPro Performance Mats

Didn’t bring your mat for yoga class? No problem! Our prop room is well stocked with a line of OMGI CorkPro Performance Mats for your use. They are sustainably sourced and made with our planet in mind. Better yet, these mats provide you with an amazing amount of padding to protect your knees and joints during your yoga practice with us. The natural cork topping is naturally anti-microbial (though we do ask you to gently wipe them off after practice with one of our disposable wipes in the prop room). Another great perk? The cork isn’t slippery! It grips onto you when you sweat, so you can focus on your practice.

OMGI Performance CorkBlocs

Made of solid AAA grade cork, OMGI CorkBlocs are our favorite support blocks. They are sturdy, sustainable, and it just feels good on the palm. We use these blocks in various classes, whether its a restorative, hatha, or vinyasa. Try putting one in between your shoulder blades during savasana for a heart opener if you’re in the mood, you’ll notice the rounded corners of the block fits comfortably. And for added comfort, lay a blanket over it.


Yoga Straps

Yoga straps are great if you are working on flexibility and stretching. We want to make sure that you are practicing safe yoga at our studio, so straps come in especially handy in practicing with integrity in every pose. If you’re not sure how to use them, please do not hesitate to ask any of our yoga teachers.

Bolster Pillows

Bolster pillows are frequently used in our gentle flow, restorative and hatha classes, but we welcome all our students to grab one for any of the classes. These are especially useful in sitting postures, as they allow your knees to settle below the hips for optimal comfort. For those who prefer to meditate during savasana, these pillows are ideal!

Foam Rollers

Well Sonoma believes in foam rolling very much. Our bodies are covered in a layer of fabric called the fascia, and it demands your attention. Foam rolling helps roll out the tightness and gives you some much needed release. If you would like some help with how to foam roll, please feel free to ask any of our yoga teachers or practitioners!

Eye Pillows

We do stock a drawer of eye pillows for your use. They are right below the strap drawer in the picture above. These are handmade by a local yogi, and often used in yoga nidra classes.

Sweat Towels

We have a stack of fresh sweat towels in the prop room, right below our “happening now” monitor. Please do not hesitate to grab one for class!

free parking for members (1).png

Free Parking For Members!

If you are a monthly unlimited member, 6-month or 12-month member, we are delighted to offer you FREE parking at the Seventh Street Garage (just 2 blocks away!)

In order to take advantage of this AMAZING perk, park at the Seventh Street Garage, come to class and at the end of class, ask one of our front desk managers to provide you with a parking voucher. When you leave the garage, insert the original ticket you got when you parked then insert the voucher when the machine asks for payment. It’s that simple and FREE!

Even better, these vouchers are good for 2 hours, so you can come to class and then get a massage, some acupuncture or just hangout with us.

If you’ve been procrastinating on becoming an unlimited member this, and many other perks (like 20% off our retail, discounts on workshops and free passes for friends and family), NOW is the time to up your membership!