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Ayurvedic Wellness

Deacon Carpenter :: Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist


At the age of 16, chronic illness and obesity led Deacon to a fateful meeting with a local Ayurvedic doctor, which created a seismic shift in Deacon’s perception of food, health and physical balance. Heeding the advice of his doctor, Deacon modified his diet, started to practice yoga and shed over 140 pounds. To Deacon, Ayurveda and yoga together just made sense. Once he was educated and empowered to understand what was causing him to be sick, the steps to reclaiming his health were clear and simple.


Deacon’s momentum in Ayurvedic studies continued at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. Although he always knew that he would become an Ayurvedic practitioner at some point in his lifetime, it was a 16-year career working in the trenches of New York City advertising agencies that gave him the wherewithal to strike out on his own. Working in the world of global advertising and branding, he was able to hone his communication skills, enabling him to convey the complex ideas and concepts of Ayurveda and Yoga in a very comprehensive manner.


Deacon believes in a practical approach to Yoga, and teaches a Hatha and Beginning Yoga class at YogaONE


Ginger Schecter, MD :: Internist


Dr. Ginger Schechter is a California native, board certified in Internal Medicine, with 17 years of experience treating patients in Western Medicine. She currently resides in Santa Rosa, CA where she works with Deacon Oakley-Carpenter on bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine to provide a more wholistic approach to healthcare. She is also the lead physician with the Re:mind program from Affrimativhealth. In this capacity, she works with patients from all over the world who are struggling with early memory loss or a diagnosis of early dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Through the use of diet and lifestyle changes, reversal of disease or prevention occurs.


Dr. Ginger lives with her husband and youngest son, her oldest son now residing in Boston and attending the Berklee College of Music. Dr. Ginger has rheumatoid arthritis and applies her knowledge or both the east and west to affect a greater change in her own health. It is her purpose to help you find your best health.


Ayurvedic Consultation/ Integrative Consultations

  • Determine your Ayurvedic body/mind type
  • Ayurvedic & Western biometric analysis

Lifestyle and Diet Recommendations

  • Incorporate healthy habits/re-pattern old habits
  • Try new foods to keep your body balanced

Home Yoga Programs

  • Yoga for building strength & flexibility
  • Embracing  “Mat Confidence”





Blog Posts from Deacon and Ginger

  • Dear Friends, WELL Sonoma was born out of a need for outstanding integrative health and wellness services in Sonoma County and the North Bay. Each of WELL’s practitioners have dedicated their lives to serving our community through our subject matter expertise in our respective modalities.......





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