Wellbeing After Cancer with Michaela Codding

After cancer treatment ends, survivors often find themselves feeling confused,helpless and scared. Even though still under the care of oncologists, their strong support felt during treatment often disappears after therapy ends. The outside world believes the end of the “cancer journey” is reached with the end of treatment, but for the survivor this is oftentimes when the real struggle begins. 

 Survivors deal with a body and mind which are forever changed by cancer and are  maneuvering into this “new normal” alone.

There is no “aftercare” offered through hospitals or Oncology offices which is why this program aims to serve the cancer survivor instead of the cancer patient.

 The program is being offered by Michaela Codding, who was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at the age of 47 in 2015. Through her own experience, as well as speaking to other survivors and medical professionals the necessity of a program like this became very apparent.

This 6 week program will focus on alignment based yoga practices working with and through physical boundaries created by cancer treatment.

Through yoga, breathing techniques, beginning meditation and journaling survivors will be given  tools to ease transition into and find joy in their new lives.

Michaela has been teaching yoga for 11 years and is a 4 year breast cancer survivor. She credits her yoga practice and the support of the practitioners at Well Sonoma for helping her work through the challenges of cancer survivorship.

In addition to the six week program, Michaela also offers private yoga sessions and retreats for cancer patients as well as survivors.

 Your Cancer Wellbeing Therapist

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Michaela Codding teaches group and private yoga classes in studio or “on location”. Her aim is to make the practice accessible to everybody as well as to offer outdoor yoga classes throughout Sonoma County and retreats worldwide. She is passionate about teaching yoga for cancer wellness classes as well as helping with cancer patients with resources and support during treatment.