Corporate Wellbeing with WELL+ Sonoma

Encouraging and maintaining a work/life balance is not easy. In fact, many studies show that a large majority of employees in the US don’t always engage with wellbeing incentives offered proactively by their employer. This can be frustrating for the employer who is dedicated to reduce workplace stress and increase employee productivity and overall employee happiness.  

Many corporate wellness and wellbeing programs can be extremely costly and typically fall short of employee/employer wants, needs and expectations. This is mostly because other corporate wellness and wellbeing companies create programs based on their own success metrics and not on the culture of the company – the MOST important success metric.

Well+Sonoma can help with employee engagement by being your company’s strategic wellness and wellbeing partner, creating custom wellbeing programs around the culture of your company.

Some initiatives we’ve worked on:

  • Stress reduction programs

  • Regularly scheduled on-site yoga classes 

  • On-site massage (chair & table)

  • Quarterly & Biannual corporate challenges 

  • Weight management/workplace meals 

  • Meditation

  • Team building activities

  • Wellbeing Day (full day of events around open enrollment) 

  • Company retreats & outings 

In addition to on-site programs, we can also offer preferred pricing for our in-center yoga programs and wellbeing services. 

For more information, please call 707.542.9644 or email us here.

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