Welcome to yoga at WELL+ Sonoma! 

Yoga here is a safe space for anyone from any walk of life. Anyone can do yoga. If you can breathe, you’re already doing yoga.

We have two yoga rooms in our center for wellbeing, Prana and Zen. Both rooms have been given beautiful mural treatments by local Sonoma County artists. 

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What should I bring to class? 

We suggest arriving to our studio 10 - 15 minutes before class begins to get checked in, settled in, and set up. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows movement and breathability. No shoes are allowed inside our yoga rooms, but we have plenty of cubbies for you to store your belongings. 

What amenities do you offer? 

We offer complimentary mat and block rentals with CorkPro yoga mats and CorkBloc sustainably sourced and made by OMGI from Los Angeles. If you like them, we offer a trade-in program where we provide you with $30 off of a new OMGI CorkPro mat when you trade-in your old mat (we’ll recycle it for you). 

Our studio also offers complimentary sweat towel service, Ayurvedic teas, hair ties, bolster pillows, blankets, and a hot/cold water station. 

What if I’m not flexible? 

Then you’re coming to the right place! Flexibility and strength develop over time, and our yoga teachers are here to help you move through your practice at your own pace. We’re not here to push you to do something your body will not allow. We’re here to help your body feel better through non-invasive movement and the use of support accessories like bolster pillows, blocks and blankets. 

Where do I park? 

We know parking in downtown Santa Rosa might feel like a bit of a challenge, but there are many options for our guests. Please visit our parking page for all of your parking options. If you are monthly unlimited membership holders, we are now offering complementary parking passes, which allows us to give you a 2 hour validated parking pass at the 7th street lot every time you come to class.
If you would like to learn more about becoming a monthly member to our yoga studio, please contact our front desk.

What is WELL+ Sonoma? 

In addition to offering yoga classes for our community, our center also provides additional wellbeing services in Integrative Medicine, Body Work, and Spa Services. We have a decorated staff of holistic practitioners and therapists who are dedicated to guiding the individual seeking optimal health and balance. We believe that wellbeing is an overall state of healthiness, and our practitioners are here to help you lead a longer, brighter life through preventative modalities and comprehensive, but accessible, lifestyle changes.