Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine with Dr. Ginger Schechter

By working in concert with other philosophies of health, particularly Ayurveda and it’s focus, the goal of functional medicine is to collaborate with fellow practitioners both at Well Sonoma and in the broader local community and world, providing patients and clients with the best possible outcomes. This approach is more of a hub and spoke model of healthcare, putting the patient at the center of care, creating a more well-rounded approach to your individual needs and desires and a deeper sense of health and wellbeing.


Chart Review

  • Review of Western Medicine doctors reports (including but not limited to): Notes, Labs, X-rays and other scans, pathology reports, speciality consultations, medication history.

  • In person consultation to last 1.5 hours to review findings and make recommendations on moving forward.

Report review

  • Review single medical report.

  • In person consultation of 30 minutes to present results.

Medication review:

  • Review all current medications.

  • In person consultation of 30-60 minutes to review meds, explain usages, and consult on what to do moving forward.

Supplement review:

  • Review supplements.

  • In person consultation to review said supplements and consult on how to move forward.

Combined consultation:

  • Confer with another Well Sonoma Practitioner to combine both Western Medicine and other modalities in concert with each other.

  • In person consultation of 30-60 minutes with myself and second Well Sonoma Practitioner to review plan and how to move forward.

Your Integrative Medicine Practitioner

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