Plant Based Skin Care & Massage with Katrina Matos

Katrina uses organic eco-friendly skin care and massage services to help clients experience their unique path to greater health, attractiveness, and loving connection to themselves and Nature. All spa and facial treatments are provided using the finest organic and natural ingredients and essential oils. All treatments are paraben free, synthetic fragrance free, sulfate free, cruelty free, and vegan. Experience the organic skincare difference.

Katrina uses a small selection of carefully chosen face and body products that cover a wide spectrum. For a more "whole foods" minimally-processed skin care experience, she offers enzyme-rich masks and herb-infused oils that she blends herself on a seasonal basis, using organic, food-grade ingredients, free of synthetic chemical solvents and GMO’s. Your sessions might include raw honey, mineral-rich clays, powdered turmeric, licorice, Indian gooseberry, and oils such as hemp and pomegranate. The majority of skin products at the studio are vegan-friendly.



Facial sessions emphasize simple natural ingredients, and lots of nurturing touch. Katrina's specialty is working with people who have sensitivities, allergies, and reactive skin. She uses botanically-based organic ingredients.

Facials can include skin hydration, facial massage, cleansing, masks, rejuvenation, skin consultation, and extraction if needed. If you are a NEW client of Katrina's, please note that the first 15 minutes of your appointment will be the new client interview and the remaining time will be the hands on service.

All Spring/Summer facials incorporate a seasonal herb infusion that saturates the facecloths for hydrating, energetically cooling, inflammation-calming facial compresses. This herb blend, which includes organically grown marshmallow leaf, calendula, lavender, green tea, gotu kola, and plantain, is also infused into the facial oils.

Autumn/Winter: Marshmallow root, green rooibos, turmeric, carob, cardamom = hydrating, mildly stimulating and warming, grounding and comforting.


Infused Oils

Katrina's massage combines Swedish and pressure point, along with other modalities, to address your body's needs gently, thoroughly, and specifically, gradually softening tension and releasing adhesions. All sessions use organic cotton linens, and food-grade and organic herb-infused oils.

Hair Removal

Organic Sugar Paste

Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal which is very eco-friendly, long-lasting, and appropriate for sensitive skin. Katrina's sugar paste uses organic ingredients.

This method of hair removal uses a sugar paste to remove hair from the follicle. I use a paste made from Fair Trade Certified, organic sugar, water, and non-GMO citric acid. That’s it.
*If you would like to remove facial hair, and you have never been waxed or sugared in that area before, make an appt. with me to do a small patch test a few days before trying to sugar the whole area.

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