Dr. Kimberly Hoffman Karuna, ND (previously Dr Kimberly Hoffman) was voted “Best General Practice Physician” in Sonoma County two years in a row in the North Bay Bohemian’s annual Reader Poll (2017-2018) and was named as one of the Top Doctors in Preventative Medicine and Naturopathy in Sonoma Magazine in 2016.

Kimberly offers a uniquely transformative and compassionate approach to health care that uses holistic solutions to treat YOU, not just your symptoms. She has a keen ability to understand the underlying cause behind your symptoms and uses her expertise and intuition to piece together the patterns of imbalance that will help guide you along your own unique path to health and healing. Symptoms are best thought of as “signs” that we are out of balance. Resolving those symptoms involves realigning our body, mind, spirit and soul so that they return to a state of coherence and harmony with one another. This process of realignment typically requires optimizing nutrition, implementing necessary lifestyle modifications, restoring hormone balance, and reprogramming the nervous system. In her work with patients, Kimberly incorporates her training in naturopathic medicine, energy medicine, and her training as a transformational life coach to restore the health and communication between the mind, body, spirit and soul. Her greatest gift is helping others realize their highest health potential so that they can begin experiencing a level of health and vitality they need to live a life filled with more fun, freedom, ease, joy, passion and purpose.

Kimberly regularly offers educational talks and workshops throughout the greater community to increase awareness of the ways in which we can improve our own health as well as the health of our communities and the planet.

Ryan Voigt :: Massage Therapist

Ryan's training as a Licensed Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator was completed through a 900-hour program at the National Holistic Institute. He trained in a variety of modalities, specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, myofascial therapies (MFT) and prenatal massage. Uniquely, Ryan also specializes in pre- and/or post-ceremonial/retreat integration via bodywork. Ryan is able to create a personalized session using a variety of modalities to suit your individual needs and address any challenges you face.

Ryan has been invested in the healing arts for his whole life. As a child, receiving massage therapy was his primary pathway to healing. Ryan finds it so rewarding to share the wonderful process of massage therapy with his fellow humans. He looks forward to working with you in your path to optimum wellness.

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Are you a Sensitive Soul looking for more comfort and joy in yourself, and the world around you? Offering eco-friendly skin care and massage services is Katrina’s way of honoring her lifelong friendship with plants and Nature, while helping her clients to show deep compassion and connection to themselves. Her hope is to also deepen their compassion and connection to others, and to our natural world. Katrina feels she is creating greater health and wholeness for herself, too, by showing her love for others through caring touch.

Her specialty is working with people with allergies, reactive skin, or an otherwise sensitive system, who thrive on a slow simple approach.

Katrina’s sessions utilize minimal technology, organic ingredients, and lots of immune-boosting, body/spirit balancing, nurturing touch.

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