Yoga & Functional Movement Therapy with Shane Davis

Yoga Therapy and Functional Movement Therapy at WELL+ Sonoma works together to physically rehabilitate the body’s range of motion, tension, and pain management. Based on teachings from our close friend and body worker James Chapman, by combining these two modalities, along with neuromuscular rehabilitation and a heavy focus on body assessment, we can help people with musculoskeletal/movement issues and pain relief.

Yoga therapy uses the practices of yoga to address ailments such as shoulder, back, hip pain, etc. Functional movement is based on the principle of restoring the fundamentals of neurodevelopment learned and acquired during the first two years of life. This can be highly effective in addressing musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Our fundamental movements are breathing, rolling, crawling, getting up, and walking. When dysfunctional patterns develop, these fundamentals can't be easily corrected by just performing these actions repetitively.

At times we need alternative perspectives and solutions when we have hit a barrier in standard therapies, such as seeing surgeons, physiatrists, neurologists, rheumatologists, physical therapists, etc. We are strong believers in the efficacy of much of what Western medicine does, but when all of these traditional therapies have not worked in rehabilitating your pain, you have to decide if you’re going to accept that answer. Issues like back pain, shoulder pain, and bad hips doesn’t have to be a lifetime sentence.

Our methodology in neuromuscular rehabilitation aims to restore your body’s fundamentals using movement assessment, muscle testing directed myofascial release, and corrective exercise.

Our first priority is to help you along your path to recovery.

What to expect

We begin by addressing the pain points that you’ve been living with in your body, then discuss your medical history, injury history, and your lifestyle habits that have all contributed to how you are feeling today. During this assessment period, your yoga & functional movement therapist, Shane Davis, will perform a series of muscle and body reflex tests to better understand your current range of motion.

From there, Shane visits the areas of imbalance in your body and treats them to improve your range of motion with deep tissue and clinical body work. If at any point your body needs a practice Shane cannot provide, he will refer you to someone else who can help you. He is results oriented and guarantees his work.

Private Yoga Therapy Rates

Single Session $95
3 Session Pack $250
5 Session Pack $400

Your Yoga Therapist & Corrective Functional Movement Practitioner

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