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Shane Davis, ERYT-200 :: Yoga Therapist


In the ten years before finding yoga, Shane Davis was an anatomy buff (elbow deep in cadavers), a student of classical piano and a hiking fiend. When he came to yoga he immediately loved the fusion of physical discipline with spiritual practice, but with little knowledge of technique and a high degree of tension in his body, Shane tore pelvic muscles, spending a year in arduous recovery. Through psychosomatic therapy, he unraveled deep webs of emotions that caused so much physical tightness, and healed the wounds of body and mind. After recovery, he serendipitously found teachers that would root him in the foundations of asana.


Finding grounding strength in fundamentals, he learned asana could also be a therapeutic modality in itself. Shane has ventured out into the world of Acrobatic yoga, a practice that requires trust and faith in self and others as a way of deepening connection and relationship. Shane teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Acrobatic yoga as well as teaching in the music and medical fields. He also practices a form of gentle acupressure, similar to what he received during his own recovery.




60-Minute Yoga Therapy

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90-Minute Yoga Therapy

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