Functional Medicine with Dr. Tonya Hoffman

“My intention in medical practice is to connect with patients mindfully, meet them at their level of readiness for improvement, and to provide motivation and insight for their health goals. By incorporating holistic integrative models with western medicine, the connection of psychosocial wellness and physical health becomes seamless, and most importantly, patient-directed.” - Dr. Tonya Hoffman


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Scope of Practice:

Dr. Hoffman blends both traditional Allopathic and Integrative Medicine into her practice, with a strong belief in the tenets of Functional Medicine. She has been practicing with this perspective for the past five years.  She explores the overwhelming world of herbal/mineral supplementation, streamlines meds and supplements, and focuses on individualized wellness goals. As a Family Physician by training, she is comfortable seeing patients of all ages and walks of life. She offers services of Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Musculoskeletal concerns, and seeks to optimize wellness in all those she works with.

Benefits of Functional Medicine:

Since functional medicine addresses the body and its complex systems as a whole network, the approach Dr. Hoffman takes in addressing your health is very thorough. Dr. Hoffman spends more time than your average physician in getting to know you better by exploring your detailed health history of failures and successes, while addressing your current health challenges.

Oftentimes, she has encountered those who have been dissatisfied with their current medical care and work-up, or who are seeking a better understanding of their chronic or generalized symptoms that continue to exist, despite treatment.

She enjoys discussing adjunctive treatments for autoimmune phenomena such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, and multiple sclerosis. She addresses chronic neurologic symptoms, dermatologic issues, chronic gastrointestinal discomforts, hormonal imbalances, “nervous” minds/hearts/stomachs, and dispirited folks simply looking for relief. Or perhaps you are already quite healthy in mind and body, but have specific goals to discuss? She is most inspired by those who seek to heal themselves, and sees herself as a facilitator and partner in your wellness.